The Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Guide - Walmsley

Dramatic changes in the foreign exchange and money markets have considerably altered the way international business will be conducted in the new millennium. The advent of the Euro, the enormous growth of the swaps market, and the daily increase in the development of derivative instruments are at the forefront of this evolution. If you're an investor, corporate finance officer, or anyone seeking to gain the essential edge in the world's major financial markets, resources for sound, accessible, and timely information are more important than ever.

This updated, totally revised, and expanded edition of finance expert Julian Walmsley's popular classic is the one book you'll need. Practical and easy-to-understand, this unique reference provides guidance on every important market around the world, including closely related money markets such as the commercial paper and Eurocommercial paper markets, national money markets, interest rate options markets, and numerous related instruments.

You will also find state-of-the-art sections on the Euro, swaps, money market calculations, foreign exchange calculations, derivatives, and risk issues.

From currency option markets to the "third generation" hedging products that combine forwards and options, The Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Guide, Second Edition, unites volumes of information in one single source-and demystifies the seemingly complex concepts facing investors today.

  • Level: Basic+
  • Major Topics: T14, T12, T13
  • Minor Topics: T11


Table of Contents

1. Money Markets
2. Euromarkets and Foreign Exchange
3. The Euromarkets and Global Financial Integration
4. Links between Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
5. The International Financial System
6. The Euro and the European Monetary Union
7. Money Market Calculations
8. Money Market Paper and Bond Calculations
9. Foreign Exchange Calculations
10. Forward Contracts: Outrights
11. Forward Contracts: Swaps
12. Short Dates
13. Adjustments
14. Artificial Currency Units
15. Financial Futures
16. The Swap Market
17. Options Basics
18. Options Instruments
19. Risk Issues
20. Money Market Risk and Interest-Rate Risk
21. Measurement and Control of Foreign Exchange Risk
22. Credit and Settlement Riskā€¦read more